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Your Spiritual Coaching Package

Initial 30 min Consultation £15
6-week package £270


How are the spiritual coaching sessions structured?

  • Everyone’s spiritual path is different, and this experience will be unique to you. So, we begin with an initial 30-minute consultation, enabling you to identify what you would like to learn and be able to take away from your spiritual coaching sessions. What would you like to explore? What new skills might you need to learn or practice?

  • The initial consultation will conclude in a structured plan for the following 6 weeks – this will allow for one coaching session per week, with homework and time for you to explore and practice new concepts and skills.

  • Each week we will meet face-to-face and online for a 60-minute coaching session – exploring different concepts each week, setting goals for the following week, and reviewing learning to date.

  • The final session in week 6 will support you in identifying a plan of action, moving forward to begin to incorporate your new learning and philosophy into everyday life.

  • You will also receive free access to my private online Spiritual Coaching Support Group (available only to students who have completed the 6-week spiritual coaching package).

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