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What To Expect FromYour Tarot Reading

How do I prepare for my tarot reading?  

As your reading will take place remotely, we will meet face to face via a video call. This means you can undertake your tarot reading in the convenience and comfort of your own home.

Before the session begins, prepare a space for yourself that is quiet and comfortable and where you will be free from distraction.

You may wish to bring a notebook and pen to write down any personal thoughts or feelings that emerge afterwards, (there is no pressure to share any personal information).


What happens during an on-line tarot reading?

Before we begin, I will check with you to see if you have any specific questions for the cards, (often people wait to see what messages come out of the reading, before asking more specific questions towards the end of the session). You can ask your questions to the cards aloud or silently to yourself, it is your reading and your preference.


Whilst shuffling the card deck, I’ll be tuning into your energy to make a link with you, I give all messages intuitively and psychically. This means I utilise the main avenues of intuition known as the ‘four clairs’ –

  • Clairaudience (hearing voices)

  • Clairvoyance (seeing images)

  • Clairsentience (recognising feelings)

  • Clair-cognisance (knowing)

How will I feel after my tarot reading?

Having a tarot reading can be quite an emotional experience, it may leave you feeling tired, weepy, vulnerable, exhilarated, disorientated, rejuvenated – essentially, it will depend upon the nature of the messages and how this influences your own personal energy.

Take time to ask questions, write notes to yourself and consolidate the information that has come through for you. The reading may have shifted some energy, uncovering thoughts and feelings, and new emotions may have surfaced for you. Please be kind to yourself, drink plenty of water and relax for a short period to enable yourself to feel a sense of balance.


If have any concerns after your tarot reading, please Contact Me.

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