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What To Expect FromYour Meditation Session

How do I prepare for my meditation session?  

As your session will take place remotely, we will meet face to face via a video call. This means you can undertake your meditation session in the convenience and comfort of your own home.

The session typically lasts for 60 minutes, and as you will be in a deeply relaxed state, your body temperature is likely to drop, so it’s advisable to wear comfortable, cosy clothes (joggers, sweatshirt and warm socks are ideal).

You want to be as comfortable as possible, so prepare a space (bed, chair, sofa, yoga mat) that is warm and comfortable, (bring your favourite blanket and pillows, and even an eye mask if you prefer).

Please ensure you are free from distractions and won’t be disturbed for the duration of your session.

Bring water to drink and a notebook and pen to write down any personal thoughts or feelings that emerge afterwards, (there is no pressure to share any personal information).

Online Meditation Treatments - Victoria Regan

What happens during an on-line meditation session?

Meditation style – For generic meditation classes I use a method of combined styles of meditation,

(What are the different styles of meditation?”).

If you have signed up for a course of one-to-one sessions, we will already have discussed and identified your needs and I will have set up a programme individually tailored to your requirements.


Gathering intentions – An intention is a short and positive statement set at the start of your meditation, it serves as a gentle reminder of the specific qualities you wish to focus on as you move through your practice. It requires contemplation and thought, an assessment of the current state of your life, and what you desire to experience in the current situation.  The intention acts as a reminder throughout your meditation of where to focus your thoughts and energy. Whenever your mind becomes distracted, you can return your focus to the intention. A powerful way to encourage success in meditation is to remind yourself of your intentions or to set new intentions for your practice.


Refining your posture - As we prepare for your meditation, you will take a few moments to let yourself settle into your required position, (this is generally seated, but may be lying down, depending on the style of meditation). A comfortable position is vital for a successful meditation practice, so you can make any adjustments to your posture to ensure that your body is supported with the least amount of muscular tension.


Adjusting your breath – You will begin by allowing yourself to settle into the experience of your breath. Taking a few moments to refine the breath and encourage it to slow and deepen. I may guide you through specific breathing techniques to help either calm or energize your body and mind, depending upon the style of practice we are following.


I will then lead you through your meditation, giving any prompts and instructions along the way.

How will I feel after meditating?

Meditation is a process, it is a practice of becoming familiar with your hopes and fears, your habitual responses to certain situations, and your innate potential for shifting towards more positive directions.

There is no correct way to feel after meditating, but you may feel centered, content, and peaceful. You may feel a strengthened connection between body and mind that that makes you feel happy and clear-headed.

Having focussed on your breathing, your body will become more relaxed, shoulders and other muscle groups may feel less tense, your jaw may feel unclenched, and you may feel a general sense of lightness.

It is also possible to feel negative emotions and it’s not uncommon to be tearful, it’s just the body’s way of cleansing and releasing a sadness or stress.

These states are part of a re-balancing process, take time to rest if you are tired and drink plenty of herbal tea or water. The aim is to leave you feeling completely refreshed with a great sense of calm and over-all well-being.

If have any concerns after your meditation session, Please contact me.

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