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What To Expect FromYour Reki Treatment

How does a long-distance reiki healing session work?

My role as a reiki practitioner is to act as a conduit between you and the source of the universal life force energy. The energy flows directly through me to you.

Long-distance Reiki works best when recipients are in relaxed environments. (Places of work, areas with distractions, and other spaces with stressors are discouraged). Depending on the situation, treatments usually take 90 minutes.

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How do I prepare for my reiki session?

As your reiki treatment will be administered remotely, we will meet face-to-face for your session via a video call. This means you can receive reiki in the convenience and comfort of your own home.

Reiki treatments typically last for 90 minutes, and as you will be in a deeply relaxed state, your body temperature is likely to drop, so it’s advisable to wear comfortable, cosy clothes (joggers, sweatshirts and warm socks are ideal).

You want to be as comfortable as possible, so prepare a space (bed, sofa, yoga mat) that is warm and comfortable, (bring your favourite blanket and pillows, and even an eye mask if you prefer).

Please ensure you are free from distractions and won’t be disturbed for the duration of your treatment.


What happens during a reiki session?

To initiate treatment, I used guided meditation to take you into a deeply relaxed state of consciousness and to open each of your seven chakras, or ‘energy centres’, within the body.

I’ll then invoke the sacred reiki healing symbols to invite the flow of universal energy, and using specific hand positions, I’ll visualise myself standing with you, delivering the flow of energy across your body.

During your treatment, I may feel physical or emotional sensations which relate to areas of your body or mind, this is how I am guided to the areas where you need healing the most. It is quite normal for you to also feel these sensations.

At the end of the session, I will take time to balance your chakras, and gently bring you out of your meditative state. I’ll give you feedback regarding any sensations I picked up on during your healing, what this means, and give you advice about how you might wish to move forward to continue your healing journey with reiki self-healing techniques.

How will I feel after reiki?

Reiki restores you to a state of balance by unlocking your body’s natural healing abilities. It directly influences your central nervous system – it allows you to relax. Once you are relaxed physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing takes place.

After receiving Reiki, it is quite normal to feel tiredness, sadness, restlessness, anger, light-headedness or nauseous; you may even wish to sleep for a period of time.

You may also feel

  • lighter

  • happier

  • energised

  • more relaxed

  • as if you have been meditating

  • freer in your body with less physical pain

  • freer in your mind, as situations that once bothered you no longer do so

These states are part of a rebalancing process, take time to rest if you are tired and drink plenty of herbal tea or water. If have any concerns after your Reiki session please Contact Me.

What is long-distance reiki?

l administer all my reiki treatments as ‘long distance’ - also known as ‘remote reiki’. This is a recognised method where, instead of directly transferring Reiki energy through touch, the practitioner uses their thoughts and intentions to move energy into the recipient’s spiritual, emotional, mental, and even physical being.

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